Autistic N!ck starts his diet- Lettuce see how I get on.

Healthy Food

Autistic N!ck starts his diet Lettuce see how I get on FUN FACT - In the early 1900s, overweight businessman Horace Fletcher slimmed down and made dieting a pop culture phenomenon with his Chewing Diet. He recommended chewing food until it became liquid to prevent overeating. FUN FACT - Another method rumoured to be popular… Continue reading Autistic N!ck starts his diet- Lettuce see how I get on.

High-Functioning Autism

High Functioning Autism

High-Functioning Autism Around 130,000 Australians live with Asperger's and High Functioning Autism (HFA), meaning that they have a diagnosis of Autism without intellectual disability. Approximately 97,000 of these Australians are men and women, aged 18 years and over, who experience the daily challenges of a largely overlooked, misunderstood, and yet highly complex and nuanced condition.… Continue reading High-Functioning Autism