In Don belief

In Donbelief



1. The state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone.

2. The state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something.

This month’s blog post deals with a serious issue.

Picture it for 17 years a horticulturalist works for a TV network in Australia.

In November said horticulturalist sat down with ACA’S Tracy Grimshaw to answer questions surrounding allegations of a sexual nature (which at this point despite the growing number of women coning forward that is all they are until proven otherwise)

Anyway I am not here to write and dissect the ins and outs of his case.

I would like to talk about something which steamed from his interview with Tracy.

The person in question said and I quote

“I haven’t been medically diagnosed but I’ve worked it out, what it is, and it’s a terrible failing,” he claimed.

He obviously went onto Google doctor to search for a diagnosis when he said that

” His AUTISM partly explained his ­inappropriate behaviour”

Ok so now that everyone’s mouth’s have stopped from dropping to the floor and smashed into tiny pieces

I am going to make a bold statement.

One Don you do not have Autism.

Two please don’t throw us under the bus.

Three stop using a disability to your advantage.

Four Autistic people are more likely to the victims than be the predators.

Ok so now everyone’s mouths have stopped crashing to the floor and breaking into tiny pieces let’s examine this statement.

During this televised interview I began to have a melt-down.

I started to get really, really angry, I began trembling, I started to swear out loud, I tweeted out my angered response, I started to cry, I messaged my friend Janine, I was shaking as my hands were typing away on the keyboard.

Here is my tweet which I sent out (apologises for the swearing)

#DonBurke F**k you Don. I have autism and that is no excuse for what u have done #ACA

4:20 PM – 27 Nov 2017

Minutes later I sent out another tweet which read

#DonBurke I am 42-year-old male who is gay and I have autism. And the number of men I have sexually assaulted is 0

My reason for writing this blog is because I wanted to address his remarks head on. For an individual on the spectrum life can be complex. We can be withdrawn, shy, and socially awkward. Some may may say and do things quite innocently which may be viewed as being insensitive. Others can be quite obsessive about things which take their interest.

Life can be complex for people with Asperger’s.

They can be withdrawn, shy and socially awkward. Some may say and do things quite innocently which may be viewed as being insensitive. Others can be quite obsessive about things which take their interest.

My message is clear, if you are or find yourself accused of sexual misconduct/behaviour or worse, please push aside your disability if you have one and don’t attempt to use that to sway public opinion.

Don you should hang your head in shame as the public are going to assume that what you told a TV show is true.

This only serves to tarnish the autism community and for the public to be misinformed about our traits and behaviour.

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