A Question with no answer

A Question with no answer

Recently I recieved a text message from a friend

She wrote that she had been for her 5 week scan but the baby wasn’t there anymore. 

I just replied OK. 

Because I wasn’t sure how to respond to something which I hadn’t or won’t have ever been through. But I am not here to discuss her pain/angusish.

This story happened yesterday night.

I simply wrote

Hey how are you?”

via a messenger app.

She replied I flipped (got angry at *Oliver)

I went onto say that maybe she had gotten angry at said boyfriend because of what was happening emotionally for her?

She then simply said please check on how *Oliver is for me.

wtf (2)
My actual response  

But for some reason I did.


Why did I agree to this?

I made a list 

Clearly her and *Oliver aren’t commuicating wonderfully right now 

He clearly can’t or hasn’t mentioned this to his brother or any other members of his family


Maybe she thought a stranger would be able to open him up emotionally? 


How would *Oliver respond to me messaging him? Would it anger him? 


What could I possibly offer to the conversation which they clearly aren’t having?

I simply don’t know. 

All I can say is that it made my friend happy.

Although I still don’t get my involvement in it? I just don’t like being dragged into issues like this.

It’s overwhelming to be pulled into someone else’s pain and suffering.

I guess the question that remains is this – do I remain friends with this person and risk losing her by telling her how I feel or do I just accept that for the time being she’s going to be reliant on me more emotionally, mentally, physically?


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