Mentor post


Today I  woke up and splashed my face with fresh water drawn from the well in my garden.

I then sipped on some herbal tea and then began my day. 

Ok so that first bit was a lie, an unreality!

Like you didnt know.

I haven’t got the funds to have a fresh well dug into my garden or the space!

Anyway today is the first day of my mentoring with a new client. And……

Actual Footage

So to break the ice we headed outside and started to jump on his trampoline.

Because I needed time to come up with ideas on how to engage *Ben in something creative.

So linking the fact that *Ben liked Pretzels and trampoline I came up with a plan to combine both these loves and then I decided to make a pretzel movie! 

After we made a movie and *Ben added every single piece of music that he could to it so by the end we had a complete movie! 


I will post the link/the epic pretzel movie below because I aim to win an award for this.

We also filmed one on a trampoline where *Ben acted for his Gold Logie.

So even though I was nervous about today I have had such a fun time so far.

Lunch is homemade pasta!

So yeah despite any reservations that I may of had they have vanished and I look forward to working with him.



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