Mentor post

A Mentoring Journey Day 2

9am and a car pulls up outside my house, Janine rocks up and we get into the car and begin our journey into the mentoring sphere.

We have our plans in place for today, we have our laptops, we have pens and notepaper, we have inspirational quotes and a bag full of gifs!

But still admittedly for both of us still our nerves are still playing a key role in our car trip.  

Today’s trip consisted of *Claire taking us through the procedures and expectations as well as our employment details.

To most people this part of the process would be a total yawn fest.

But not us!

No because we are alert, we are pumped, we are in the professional zone!

We blitz this part of the initiation zone. 

Due to *Ben’s dad doing some building work we are forced to at gunpoint to head towards a cafe and eat lunch uhhh, and have a drink uhh, some people!

I had a salmon and cream cheese bagel in case anyone is interested? 

If you are email me and I’ll let you know the name of the cafe. 

Today’s plan was put on hold for lunch and when we came back we put on our director/camera hats and made an action fighting movie with Rocky the dog!

I know I can taste the Emmy, Logie, BAFTA, everything.

I mean I wept at the end of it frankly. 

Whilst this is still a learning/teaching journey, it’s a lot of fun and comes with a side order of satisfaction and a personal goal for me as I can say that I am helping shape this person through what I’ve learnt. 


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