Employment Escapades

Employment Escapades

work-definitionOnce again I find myself revisiting the topic of employment.

Yes, I have written about this extensively but for some reason it keeps bringing me back to it as if it doesn’t want me to let go of it –

It’s like not being able to finish a family size block of chocolate!

My latest escapade takes place on one of the hottest days of 2017 (why *GINA chooses these days is far beyond me, like I don’t sweat enough when it’s hot?).

Anyway we climb into *Gina’s car and head towards the City of Perth.

On the road

The purpose of this latest adventure was that *Gina wanted me to partake in a ‘casual meet and greet’ with an employment friend of hers.

Adhering to her words of a ‘casual’ meeting, I presume it’s an informal lunch in a park. But, as it happens, we get to said destination and eat outside on a bench by a bus stop.

There is no park. There never was. The park doesn’t exist.

I eat my lunch, drink my drink, and we cross the road. Now, I’m wearing a t-shirt and dark blue pants. I haven’t shaved. I look a total mess. But the worse is yet to come. The lady who *Gina knows works for a prestigious marketing employment company.

In my head the following words spin around:

“&*^^&*** and *&((^%^$$#### and then *&*T(^R*^%R*R^%&*R&*R&*^%R*& and finishing with !@@#$$%^&********((&^%%%$%%^(((%$%##@@”.

I chat and promote myself and it ends pleasantly enough, but when we get outside I let *Gina have it as I felt like I’d just lost on a quiz show, after which *Gina apologises.

To be honest, she should have let me know it wasn’t a picnic in the park, as I would have shaved and worn a shirt and tie and pants and made the effort. I mean, I looked like I’d been clubbing all night or drinking with friends and woken up on a park bench. That isn’t how I wished to present myself.

I am still very upset and angered with *Gina and have only just forgiven her.

It’s hard enough to find employment, and it’s made even harder when the employment consultant doesn’t make it crystal clear what’s expected of you. I was imagining wine and cheese and breaking bread on a blanket in the park, not feeling inadequate and embarrassed sitting opposite another employment professional.

I should not be made to look like a fool and have learnt a valuable lesson as next time I’ll consult someone other than *Gina.

Ability is what you are capable of doing


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