A Typical Plan..!!


It’s only the 8th Janurary 2018.

I know take that in. Breathe.

Deep breaths.

And I am already smashing it out of the park! 

So this year I am aiming to complete filming on one of my scripts, a comedy which I have written and now with the aid of a grant I am engaging with a local Perth producer to see the fruits of my labour come to lfe.

I have already composed the email 


I am awaiting the confirmation back from the grant people and once that’s all in place then we are good to go.

So the next step will be hiring the equipment, finding a place to rent for filming, working with actors and crew and once that’s all done and dusted then it’ll be time to showcase it to the world!!!



I feel like along with my mentoring that MY life is currently on track and that finally things are happening for me. 


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