Challenge Ben

A Mentoring Challenge


So how the day unfolded was like this.

We arrived at 10.00am AWST outside *Claire and *Ben’s house.

Once inside and after *Ben had made me a tea and my companion Janine a coffee and tried to charge us $9.50 each.

(I mean that’s a standard price for a tea and a coffee in Perth my friends)

But the total shock came when there were no tables, and we had to wait 30 mins for service!

I ask you!

Jokes aside today I was gonna be put to the 



And I was. *DISCLAIMER ALERT* I should point out that *Ben had taken a tablet to calm down his ADHD and in his mother’s words 

“The lights were on but no one was home” 

To try to counteract that and after a not so successful library session we ventured outside, *Ben armed with his I-pad and he began to record some footage from a computer game that he uses which enables him to focus and concentrate. 

This worked and then like a Oprah moment *PING*

A light bulb went off inside my head

(SIDE NOTE it was an environmentally friendly one) and I grabbed my phone and I began recording

*Ben and making out that he was Ben Spielberg and I began asking lots of questions about how he makes his movies, decides on the music, the sound effects and ya know something it worked.

It was fun, he was in the zone and he came to the party with the goods.

(SIDE NOTE) There was no party, *Clare’s funding doesn’t stretch that far and I was left disappointed that no jumping castle, table of food or music was going to be forthwith. 

So what could be viewed as a non productive day wasn’t. 

Yes ok so *Ben wasn’t on top form.

He’s Austic, he’s going to have days where he’s not on the ball.

But I wasn’t going to give in and not have him gain something out of the day.

He did the best he could and for that this happened. 

giphy (1)

SIDE NOTE: That’s what *Claire spent today’s budget on busing these people in for a 12 minute standing ovation.


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