Challenge Ben

Ben’s Challenge

Your mission *Ben, should you choose/decide to accept it, …

Will be to write 5 things down on a list that you want to accomplish on Thursday.

I bit my fingernails.

I distracted myself by watching TV, then when the light from the day was fading, and the night was welcoming in the moon, and all hope was lost, it happened. 


*Ben wrote that he’d get the list to me by midday today AWST.

I informed him that if he didn’t the consequences would be that we’d have to do what I had in mind.

I waited with bated breath.

In the interim I wrote a blog post, filled in my shift report for his mum’s records, read a book, fell asleep, and all that other generally boring stuff that occurs between day and night. 

I am happy to report that *Ben came through on his promise and he delivered on his promise.

So tomorrow we’ll aim to tackle all 5 things on his list. If he manages three of them than for him that’s a great achievement.


I for one can’t wait to see the results from tomorrow’s activities. I’ll blog about what occurred tomorrow.

*Ben I think you’re an awesome person and I am so happy to be working with you.

Thanks for allowing me to crash into your world and connect with you. Nick 


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