Challenge Ben

Challenge Ben

Yesterday at 11am AWST I got the email that I had been expecting.

It was from *Ben it was his list of five things that he wanted to strike off his list.

We entered the command hub, the centre of activity.

*Ben was ready. I was ready. I screenshot the list in the car trip down I was armed and dangerous. I was on a mission.  


We opened our laptops,  we clicked on to create an account in YouTube and we were away. Boom! After we’d created *Ben’s acccount he had uploaded 3 video’s within the hour! 

We continued on our smashing it out of the park we even managed a trampoline break 


*Ben came back inside after we’d made a deal and with my help (me writing, *Ben dictating) we got together a short sharp blog post. 

Here for your viewing pleasure is the link to *Ben’s Youtube channel

Our mornings work has been a success and now lunch time is approaching and this afternoon we’ll work more on his Youtube Channel.

I am very proud of *Ben and this morning’s work and the subsquent list proves that if he’s got something to work from he’ll engage and produce content that he can be proud of. 

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