Exhausting day

An Exhausting Day….

So today was hitting a brick wall kinda day.

I could sense like Alison Dubios when she’d have a dream about a murder case, wake up, take a sharp in take of breath and then ring her cop mate or her boss with her latest bit of information regarding that week’s murder case.

Today wasn’t going to be easy and I was right. (Although I wasn’t asleep and I didn’t have to ring anybody to alert them to this staring me in the face fact)

When *Ben (not his real name)  takes a tablet for his ADHD it reduces his levels of interest and encourages me to work ten times harder to bring our list of activites to the forefront. Ben had emailed me his list of activities late.

According to his mum *Claire (not her real name) this was a Telstra error.

I had my doubts but let it pass. 

So you can imagine my shock (when I was thinking that we’d get maybe one of his activities done on his list) that by lunch time we’d done 5 out of the 5!

To destress myself I did my aqua fit, had a drink and am now happily watching TV & relaxing ready for Thursday. 




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