I'm ok

I’m ok….

Them: What’s wrong?

Me: Nothing


Just getting back to writing…..




I’ll tell ya gather ye round with yer drinks and nibbles.


Image result for there I said it gif

So now that’s out-of-the-way I’ll explain why.

Today is the day where I spend the whole day outside of *Ben’s home with him and I am the sole carer!!!!!!!!!

I feel sick to my stomach. 

Not because of anything to do with *Ben but I’m nervous. Our mentoring sessions have only ever taken place within the framework of his home and now we’re outside, mingling with the public! 

I’m sure this is just a natural reaction to the situation but still.

I have no plans in place.

I am currently waiting for a Google search to load!

My inspiration cup runneth dry! 

Look I’m sure it’ll be fine and I am just worrying about nothing but I see this as a good thing, because if I wasn’t nervous then I wouldn’t  be so driven to provide *Ben with exciting things to do today.

Oh hurry up Google search!!! 

I’ll post an update later on until then wish me luck. 




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