Trigger Moment

An Unexpected Trigger Moment

So Thursday the one day before Friday and that one day that holds you back from the start of the weekend.

Only this Thursday wasn’t how I was expecting it to turn out.

It had been agreed between *Claire and Janine and I that we would collect *Ben from his pottery class and then spend the day with him in Fremantle.

All well and good you may think but as we were settling down for lunch it happened. 

I know right….. Hold on. 

So as we sat down and waited for our meals to arrive, it happened.

Something which stung me, that really hurt me, and that was a trigger for me. *Ben made a jibe about my weight.

Now one could argue that the Autism was to blame, or that he thought that he was being funny, but whichever reasonsing you use it hurt and it hurt real bad. 

You see I’ve always battled my weight.

I hadn’t assumed (which is possibly wrong of me) that *Ben would comment on it.  

But he did and it wouldn’t leave my mind.

I struggled on through the rest of the shift but it was playing on my mind on our journey home, into the pool where I did my aqua work out and right up until late evening when I sent a text message to his mum did I even begin to allow the emotions and the anger to wash away. 

So what was the outcome?

Well his mum is getting him to write me a sorry letter, she’s explained that it’s wrong to make fat jibes (for the record I am not fat) and his trip with both Janine and I on Sat has been cancelled (a consequence for his actions)

I am slowly even now getting over this, (I had a 10hr sleep) Bliss.

But I am not sure how I’ll react when I see him next.

Will it be uncomfortable? I don’t know.

But I will have to cross that bridge when we come to it.

All credit to his mum *Claire who spoke with him outlining what he’d done wrong in a way which he can understand.

Also on the subject of cancelling our Sat trip, she was aware enough to know that it was exhausting for me and that it after a lot of texting back and forth that she knows that this is a trigger for me and that he’s been made aware of this. 

I know that *Ben is an awesome individual and that he will as Janine said to me “Learn from this”. I know that he will. 


*****UPDATE****** I got a letter from *Ben apologising. 

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