Final Countdown



The smoke machine is fired up, the adrenalin is pumping, the anticipation commences and this week the mentoring ends and *Ben can be set free to go back to the wild (his home) and write down in his journal (if he keeps one) all the lessons that he’s learnt from being mentored by me and me alone. 

The music begins, I take centre stage and by Thursday night, the stage will be clear, I will have gone my way and *Ben his and the lonely janitor will be left to clean up after us or *Ben’s mum. 

I had no idea where this would take me as someone new to the mentoring game, but I took it in my stride with my trusty ally Janine Ripper by my side, holding my hand.

I want to thank her and *Ben’s mum *Claire for being brave and taking a bold move by employing me and allowing me into *Ben’s life. 

It’s not been easy at times. But it’s been rewarding. I’ve gained confidence, belief that I could make a difference to this boy’s life, I’ve also been an unpaid therapist (side note) *Claire I will be billing you for this service) I cannot like Mark Wahlberg work for free. I am not Michelle Williams. 

OK so the question is

Would I do it again?

Yes I would.

It’s been an exhausting process, I won’t lie. But the rewards outweigh that.

*Ben’s behaviours have changed and he’s gaining a sense of how to behave within society, he’s learning about boundaries and consequences to actions and I know that I have had a small part in that.

He’s an awesome person, very funny, very intelligent. (you have to dig away but there is gold there when you do), he just needed to be with someone else who can understand him, know how to speak to him, how to communicate with him.

Believe you me when you persist with this guy it’s totally worth it. 

So thank you once again to *Claire* for inviting me and introducing me to *Ben* and to Janine for driving me there and back (sorry for giving you belly pains from making you laugh for three hours!!)

*Ben I really hope that I can be not only your mentor but your friend, as it’s been a real privilege getting to know you. Nick 



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