whats next

What’s Next????

Well firstly on a sad note my mentoring has come to an end, I have immensely enjoyed spending time helping to shape someone else’s life, through digital media. *Ben is such an awesome person who is slowly building up his YouTube channel, and branching out into making short funny movies, gaining confidence, being more socially aware and learning how to pick up and be aware of social clues and prompts, showing an interest in the world of blogging, alerting me to when he needs a break, having a love of trampolining, having a great laugh, showing off his droning skills! 

Secondly I am entering into a corporate sponsor program via Autism West and WASTV, this could be a very exciting venture for me. I am going to be aimed and ready with all my TV show scripts that I have written over the years. I feel that this could lead to something really wonderful for me. 

Thirdly I am a little emotional that I won’t be mentoring *Ben, I guess it’s only just hit me. But I am certain that it won’t be the last time we meet. His mum *Claire has some plans in the works and it’s just a matter of time before we can all arrange our schedules to meet up and work out the next stage. 

And fourthly *Claire and *Ben have agreed to be interviewed for this very blog so watch out for that exciting post. 

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