I was on the Swan River enjoying an afternoon of cheese and wine and besides my on a small dedicated table was my quill and ink and some white virginal A4 paper, ready to have my blog thoughts written down onto it. When I was stopped and asked 

“Nick what do you do to relax?”

By a member of the public no less!! 

Well once I’d broken free of this person’s arm grip I sat down and told them….


I enjoy playing Solitaire.

It helps me to focus on one thing aids my mind in concentrating.

I find it extremely relaxing when my senses are over come in situations. 



I read.

It’s the same principle as playing solitaire. It gives me a focus and it’s a quiet activity to participate in. 



I love aquafit.

I have a routine already down pat.

I know how many rounds I am meant to do and how long it will take me to complete. (I do 8 rounds of 50) and that’s 400 reps!! 


And finally drum roll!

I like to listen to this amazing podcast


So there you are that’s me in a nutshell 

Until next time bye for now 

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