Waste of time blog

A Waste of Time

So today I wasted another hour of my life having a meeting with *Gina. Look I don’t want to attend these things as much as she does, but *legally I have to cos I’m on a government benefit* 

So *Gina is like my feeder, she’s a drug that I am addicted to, basically she needs me and I need her. 

Her for the bonus and me cos she has *so she says job contacts in the field that I want to eventually work in* But as yet haven’t seen any evidence of. And TBH I don’t think that U EVER WILL. 

Today proved that.

One she continues despite my constant objections continues to apply for jobs which aren’t suited to me, two she loves a job plan, which translates in me and I am not even joking here visualising my career path and if I have time to scribe where I would like to work

(*Charmed fans will know that the girls used to do that very activity in order to track down demons week after week and save by the power of 3 some poor helpless sap who had been captured and held hostage)


So *Gina made her plan with the aid of a pen and paper and the internet.

Two weeks time we are going out on yet another pointless marketing drop my resume into places that *Gina and I after some in-house fighting and throwing of water are best suited to me and the employer.

I am literally screaming with internal anger.

She knows that this type of activity is a huge waste of time, but she persists with it anyway. All she gets out of it is more money *cos she’ll bill the company for her travelling costs and for parking and meals I’m sure.

To her sadly I am just a number. 


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