You know who you are....

You know who you are….

So last night I received a direct message from a fellow follower on a social media platform that I am on.

This person who shall remain nameless attempted to offer me some advice.

This person actually had the nerve to consider said advice helpful but in reality it wasn’t.

After reading what they had written I had a meltdown. AND IT WAS ALL THERE FAULT. 

I have never asked for anyone’s advice and if you have any don’t private message me because you think that you have the right to. 

This advice stemmed from me tweeting out a pic of Henry the truffle farmer on this years MKR and all I put was he’s hot. 

So this person said that although that was fine what I said about love was better in a direct message??!!!

What I said to someone else whom I happen to interact with was if she had or knows any single gay men could she put them my way? 


What the hell is wrong with that?

Answer nothing. 

This person goes on to say because they are experienced in relationships *(long distance maybe) that I seemed to eager for love and that some other gay guy had said it was a turn off and that I should be more subtle. 

Ok so here’s the deal. If and when I want your advice as shady as it was I’ll ask for it. You would not be someone I would turn to if I needed advice on finding love. 

Second I don’t see that it is any concern of yours how I act or don’t act on twitter. 

Please don’t DM me ever again. Whatever you agenda is keep it to yourself and concentrate on your long distance relationship because during my meltdown I banged my head and it fucking hurts still as do my tears. 

If this type of behaviour continues then I shall block you. Because I do not enjoy having a meltdown. 


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