Boiling Point

Boiling Point

It’s finally happened. I’ve reached boiling point. 

I am unable to appreciate the peacefullness of the day because it is constantly being interupted with sweeping, lights being turned on, blenders making smoothies, the squeaking of shoes on the wooden floor boards, the constant chipping away at my senses is driving me to breaking point.

I simply am not able to eat my breakfast in peace, watch TV without having the tap run as the tea cups are washed up, or a bottle is opened, a door is shut, any noise in any form is irritating me beyond belief.

I have been informed since this morning where I was attempting to butter my toast, enjoy my tea, and read the news that I was the one being rude, because I turned off the lights, it was daytime they didn’t need to be on, sweeping brisltes from a broom. I have stated that as someone who is austic I am unable to deal with noise, in any form.

I do not enjoy being spoken to in the morning, I am not a morning person. I need cafeine and food and an hour to myself before I engage in conversation.

Since this morning’s incident I am now being told that we need to talk?


What is there to talk about?


I got told that I am taking the noise thing to far.

I am not. It forms part of the condition.

It’s not an added extra. It’s a thing.

It’s real.

You need to respect me and I’ll respect you.


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