WTB (What the Blog?)

WTB (What the Blog?)

What goes into a blog post?

Well you don’t just write down the first thing that comes into your head and post it.

No! You begin with writing down your ideas. I sat down usually with a mug of tea and my laptop and look at the blank page staring back at me.

I jot down as many ideas as I can and then I make a selection.

Now not all ideas can be written about. No.

For an idea to work it has to have substance. There has to be a story to tell.

You have to engage your readers, make them want to click on the link and be informed and entertained in one 800 word blog. I mean it’s no easy feat let me tell you.

The amount of ideas that are scribbled or crossed out run into the hundreds! Only the best and the fittest ideas will survive the culling process.

So there you are fingers poised on those laptop keys, ready to type away.

So firstly what title are you going to go with?

Second what’s the subject/topic that you are looking to cover?

Thirdly is your piece and opinion piece? If so do you have strong evidence to back up your claims?

Fourth. Do you know your target audience?

Fifth. Is is a personal piece? How far will you go with divulging details? Will the names be changed? i.e. *FAKE NAME* make sure you alert your readers to this at the top of your post.

Six. Don’t overuse gifs and images too many and people won’t read it, because it will overload their brains and they won’t take in the words.

Seven. Do a spell check as well as a gramma check!

Eight. Highlight areas that you need to within the piece

Nine. Have someone else read it before you post just to make sure that it makes sense

Ten. Make sure that after all that hard work the organisation that you are blogging for actually posts it on their various social media sites.

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