Mr Autism

Mr Autism 2018 Update

So if you’ve read yesterday’s blog post you’ll know I am talking about

If not you can read it here. 

*So here is an update on what happened yesterday* 

I text my driver and as he pulled out of my driveway I began to sing thus bringing joy to the bewildered locals. 


I arrived to find that I was the only person who had been invited and was greeted by a sea of faces (unknown to me). I sat down and immeadiatley wanted to throw up. I hate being the centre of attention (quiet at the back!!) 

I was then asked to talk about myself and where I wanted to work (I had told *Gina many, many countless times this but she fails to listen, because of the ear flap skin thing)

Confused? Ok well here comes the 


BIT! A piece of skin falls down over *Gina’s ear flap thus causing her the inability to hear things properly and then act shocked/surprised when I give her the same response to the same question and she comes back with “Oh really, you didn’t tell me that..”


Anyway I was only there half an hour, whereby I talked about myself, my past jobs, what jobs I wanted to do and which I didn’t. 

Only time will tell if this activity in the endless cycle of getting me a job pays off. I for one  


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