A Slap in the Face

A Mixed Bag

So what do you look for in a blog post?….

tenorDo u want it to be funny full of snappy one liners that you can quote to work colleagues at the water cooler?

imagesDo you want it to be personal, telling stories when tears and anger came together and formed an ever lasting relationship?

Do you want it to be about a particular topic?

Mental health? Anxiety? Depression? Autistic Meltdowns?

All of the above?

Do you enjoy engaging content?

Funny GIFS?

Thought provoking material?

All of the above and more?

Do you have any suggestions for future posts?

Would I listen?


Maybe not!


Do you enjoy the personal one on one interviews?

Do I care? Well off course I care!

Look I guess what I am trying to say is

I hope that I have been providing engaging, thought-provoking, funny autism blogging content.

I hope that you’ve learned something from this personal insight that I have given you? 

So my message to you is




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