A slap in the face

A Slap in the Face

When your community (the autism one) turns against you when you ask someone who is a prominent speaker and advocate for help, what do you do?

Try to figure out why? 

Get angry


When you reach out for help why is it denied? Why would someone who is an autism advocate not want to help another autism advocate? I know that I am fairly new to the autism community and that I am still finding my feet but still is that what is supposed to happen? 

Should I have questioned this person’s response? 

Do certain autism advocates close ranks or build barriers to exclude newbies?

I say all this because at present I am trying to write a letter to a literary agent and it’s very hard for me to know if what I am writing is a strong worded document. 

Now the point of this blog isn’t to ramble on about my novel (which yet isn’t published) but rather ponder if I approached another autistic advocate would I get the same response? Do they all behave in that manner?

Should I have expected it? Is is part of the norm? 

Am I not worthy of receiving advice or assistance as I navigate this new road for me (it’ll be 3 years this year) 

 My point is this do we discriminate each our own because we can or do we do it because we feel that we are better than they are?

Something to think about.  



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