NDIS Meeting on a Wednesday?

NDIS Meeting on a Wednesday?


Yes folks it’s Wednesday! I know deep breaths, deep breaths. This morning my routine was thrown out of kilter as I accepted an invite to an NDIS meeting. Now y’all are probably thinking what’s the big deal with you not having a routine, well it’s this, if I don’t have a set routine then I am lost as to what to do and when to do it. 

Apart from the obvious, eating, drinking, watching tv, going to the toilet etc.

Anyway I was meeting a friend there Oliva and she arrived five minutes after I did. We went inside and this is how I came out after the luncheon.


And I was.

The issue that I had with the event was that one it was so overwhelming with the first lady bombarding us with facts, info, acronyms and my brain was like this 


Ok so that’s a tad graphic but you get the picture.

Due to this I retained nothing from what she was saying, after lunch, the other lady was going to talk about self management.

I quickly made my exit and I am happy that I did.

*UPDATE I have since found out that they could email me the info so I can read it at my own pace.*

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