Isn't it time we talked?

Isn’t it time we talked?

Now I wasn’t going to mention it but there is an elephant in the room.

You may not have noticed it, but I certainly have. 


After yesterday’s blog post 

It hit me that this issue may not have been dealt with? Was more of a conversation needed? 

I think so and today here and now let’s begin to unravel it and explore and maybe try to find some answers shall we?

It’s called Autistic discrimination and basically it’s when one autistic person discriminates against another. 


It may/may not have happened to you but would you know? 

Is it something that we need to talk about?

When you enter into any disability community are you greeted warmly and welcomed with open arms?

Do they ask to take a seat and have everything explained to you?

Do they offer you an information folder with every link to every organisation?

If you ask for advice/help do you receive this? 

Is there a hierarchy system in place? 

tenor (1)

If you are a newbie can you only speak and interact with other people who are also newbies?

Is there a closed off area for those higher up?

Say like the A list people from the autism community?

Do the lower echelons of the autism community know their place and have to work their way up the corporate autism ladder?

Is that an honest insightful look into our community or are we better than that? 

When I came out of the autism closest I had no idea where to turn to or where to look for help and assistance. 

It took hours of tapping away into search engines on Goggle to narrow down exactly what I was looking for. 

I have the feeling that we as a community need to come together, pool our resources and have everything in one place on ONE website for everyone to access. 

Because if we don’t reach out and engage with our newest members then we risk alienating ourselves and that’s something that I personally don’t want to see. 



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