It's about time

It’s about time

Today I had some good news

Now to many of you this may not seem like great news or a reason to celebrate but to me it is, for those of you who have been following me and reading my blogs here’s a refresher about being linked to a DES job agency

Gina (not her real name) telephoned me today and whispered her reason for calling me.

At first I thought that she had been taken hostage and was whilst the people who had kidnaped her were playing cards and drinking whiskey had somehow managed to get a signal from the remote location that they were holding her in and was making a call as a last-ditch attempt for help. 

giphy (1)
How I imagined Gina 

No such luck. She was ringing to tell me that she had lost her job. 

Now before you all start going you’re so heartless please read what she put me through (see above links to the articles) 

For my part I have turned up for every appointment, explained on numerous occasions which areas I am best suited to and which I am not, gone on countless marketing door knocking exercises and I have smiled and seemed grateful. 

The point is that they the company were useless, they were taking me and the money from the government for one gigantic ride. 

They have done nothing to aid me in securing work, or training, or anything which had even remotely benefitted me. 

And with the NDIS roll out commencing this was only a matter of time before they the NDIS began to crack down on these agencies and shut them down before they could ruin someone else’s life. 

I for my part in all this am relived and excited about the next stage/step that my life will be taking no longer will I be at the mercy of a DES consultant who is incompetent. 




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