What a load of s*&t

What a load of s*&t

Today I have spent 2 and a half hours walking around a shopping centre…. 

With *Gina my employment consultant resume in hand begging, pleading, bribing (*possibly) any employer to hire me for a job.

Let that sink in. 

I am reduced to having to give an incentive away in order to be a likeable canditate for a job. 

I have no words. 

Gina is as happy as a pig in mud. She gets paid to do this. She’ll gets her fuel reimbursed. 

What do I get?

I get to play (and this bit makes me feel sick) on my disability. 

Yes I am reduced to guilting people into hiring me by making them feel sorry for me.

Is this what I have become, has being with Gina and her company (soon to close thank god) made me into this person?

Will I if I don’t get a job, head straight to the newspapers? Or the European court of human rights? Will I end up pleading my case on national tv? 

I am tired, I am hot, I am thirsty and I am hungry. 

I wish now that I hadn’t agreed to this.

But the catch is if I had of said no

I would have risked losing my benefit money. 



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