What's the Difference?

What’s the difference?

I’ve just been reading all my fan mail that I get each and every week, thank you all so much for your wonderful letters, emails, texts, telegrams, notes attached to carrier pigeons. 

Anyway a theme that has been consistently running through every thoughtful carefully written word, constructed sentence, paragraph etc is this.

What is the difference Nick between

A blog post, a script for TV and a novel?

Well let me tell you. 

A blog post is 800 words and is a review of whatever the subject matter is that you are covering within that post. For example it may be about a really great day that you’ve had today and so you’d highlight the best bits and make it interesting with the use of images and gifs and the like. It will have a beginning, middle and an end. 

sourceA TV script is completely different to a blog post.

For starters in a script there is dialogue, there are settings, people, places, names, actions sequences and so all of that has to be typed and formated in a much different way to a blog post.

When writing a TV show, you’ll of needed to first and foremost plan out what is going to occur in each episode, this is known as a story arc, this means that whatever happens in episode one will continue until episode ten, it’s a way to show your audience the journey that this character or characters will go on during the course of your drama or comedy.

I plan ahead by writing out in note form under each ep what will happen, now this was change during the course of the writing because it always does, but if you are prepared then you will be able to work out from your notes where to take your characters from ep one to ep ten. 


A novel is a story that takes place over a number of chapters, novels can be set out in numerous ways.

But for this example let’s say that each chapter begins with the character’s name and that within each chapter the character will provide a view-point of whatever the story is about until you reach say chapter thirty and it all comes together and a conclusion is revealed. book-gif

So each of the above a blog post, a novel and a TV script all have one thing in common and that is that they all come to a conclusion (they may not provide any answers but they all have an ending) with a blog post I try to make mine positive or provoke a debate or conversation.

In a script it’s not always that easy to make it a positive ending and again the same is true of a novel.  

Ok well thanks for reading I best get back to repyling to all my fan mail. 

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