Where are they?

Where are they?

I have just had a thought, everyone in every other community has a role model right?

So in that vein where are ours? 

Why have we been left out in the cold yet again?

When you finally are told that you are autistic who can you look to as your role model?

Where is that one role model who we can can look up to?

Where are you?


I found an article online titled “24 Inspiring and Motivational Autistic Women and Positive Role Models” that’s great but where are the men? 

Is it only women? Which I applaud but where do I look as a gay man? Or for that fact a male in general?

I am told by Goggle that these men are my role models 

Michelangelo, Jonathan Swift, Bertrand Russell, Albert Einstein who are all dead. 

So that brings me back to my original question where are my role models? 

Because when I got diagnosed at the age of forty I didn’t have anybody who I could turn to for advice? I was still coming to terms with things having previously fought my way out of my previous maze only to find myself place in the centre of another!

Now if the mantle of role model is going spare and no one is going to claim it then maybe I will? 

Why not? I mean I don’t see anyone else stepping up to the plate? 

If you are a male and your autistic and you’re in the public eye then maybe you can let me know so that I can at least see what I can aspire to be. 


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