Pushed to the limit

Just the push that I needed

We’ve all been there, where we don’t actually want to do something and we do anything else to participate in said activity. 

We come up with a number of excuses

But at some point we need that voice that will push us to do the very thing that we have been avoiding all along. 

What this persons says is what we already know but they say it in such a way that we take notice and then our brains won’t allow us to forget constantly reminding us of each syllable and word and the way it was framed until we can take it no more and we relent and we sat down and tackle whatever it is that we have been putting off.

Recently I have done the very same thing that I have been describing to you dear reader. 

Mine started with a phone call, followed by self-doubt, then fear, then excitement, then worry, then finally a button was clicked and hey presto! 

I had achieved what a voice on the other end of the phone without being forceful or anything had gotten me to accomplish something that I had been wanting to achieve for sometime.

Now I can’t say what it is just yet. But it won’t be long until I can. 

And then it’ll be 


I hope that you can be patient with me but all will be revealed soon. 



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