Yes so I finally did it.

Something that I never thought that I would do.

I self published a book!

Let’s set back and take that all in. I actually published something!

So when I set out I had a vague idea of how I was going to construct my book, but when it comes down to it it’s harder than it sounds. 

I began with a list of sections that I felt were important and needed covering. 

I then went through my blog articles and began grouping them in order of how I wanted them to appear in the book. 

It’s harder than it sounds because I had to cut some articles out and just either stick to the main one (and not one from a thread) and others weren’t deemed important enough sorry previous blog posts I really am! 

Once that was achieved I then set about formatting the various posts and putting them into chapters. 

Then I needed the big guns, with the work complete I sent out a marketing SOS to Marketing Supremo Janine Ripper who sent me through a marketing word document thanks Janine, also my sister proof read my work and wrote my introduction thanks Jenny.

I must say a BIG thanks for to Joel for encouraging me. 

So there we have it, it’s done, it’s out there and I hope that people enjoy it

For Australian readers click here 


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