The Reality of the Situation

The reality of the situation

Ever had a late night thought? I have! And I am sure that you probably have too. 

You may have reached out for a pen or some paper (if you are a millennial then more than likely you’ve reached for your phone to dictate your thoughts/ideas into that) because your too dam lazy to even own a pen and some paper!

Anyway (ranting aside) I recently had a thought….

My thought was how cool would it be if I featured in my own reality show, showcasing just what a typical day/week in my life was like. 

I fell asleep thinking about how I would go about making that a reality (see what I did there?) Janine loves puns and that one is for her. 

Anyway back to the cold light of reality (I am unstoppable with these puns) 

How would I be portrayed? 

Would it be in a positive light?

Would they only highlight the drama? 

What would the Autism community say about me online or in closed social groups on Facebook?

Would I be edited to within an inch of my life?

Would I come away looking like a total wanker?

The other important factor to take into consideration is my mental wellbeing. 

There have been numerous stories where reality stars/contestants have come away after a show has had its say ten week run and the reality (sorry!) of the situation and all that they experienced during their time in a house/jungle/ comes crashing in around them and they then go online and they read the comments from everyone who ever had a opinon. 

Producers swear that they have a duty of care in place and that they offer counselling to those contestants who need it.

But the reality is are they the producers lying to cover their backs

Because from reading those stories it appears it’s just to make them look good in the eyes of the television watching public. 

So that’s my quandary, if that was to happen would I be supported and would I have access to a qualified counsellor?

Would any concerns that I may have been laid to rest?

Would I treated as a rating rather than a person? 

Would I be vilified online? Would I be protected from that? 

I don’t have the answers, but maybe it’s a reality I would have to face. 


I sincerely apologise for all the reality puns in this blog 


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