My top three most viewed blog posts

1. You Can’t ask that

You can’t ask that is about the misunderstood, marginalised Australians answering anonymous online questions. What would happen if you gave people the chance to ask society’s outsiders the questions they were too embarrassed, too shy, too awkward and too scared to ask…

2. An interview with the Acting CEO of Autism West

Louise Sheehy is a registered high school teacher and has been working with teenagers and adults on the Autism Spectrum since 2011. Louise’s role at Autism West involves managing service development using a person centred approach for members focusing on their interests and talents…

3. The Retro Cinema Podcast

Ok so as someone with Autism (Yep that’s me!) certain things have the ability to calm me down if I am having a meltdown. One of those things is listening to the retro cinema podcast…

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