What's the next step?

What’s the next step????

Okay so recently the ABC and a production company made a 3 part documentary about disabled people finding employment (side note there’s two more parts to come, with part one already airing) 

But after the fanfare, the pats on the back, the 5 star tv critics reviews, the novelty wearing off, what’s the next step?

After a quick Google search I found a whole TV channel dedicated to Autism!


ONLY ONE?!!!!! Really? ONE?

Ok taken deep breaths. 

Why is this? In the US there are channels dedicated to other minority groups so why once again are we left out in the cold? 

I’m sure there are podcasts and radio stations but TV is where it’s at right now. 

Not that there are many TV shows where Autism is heavily featured. I mean I could name the obvious (cough A typical cough the good doctor) but where are the rest?

Are we only here for the special pat on the back autism awareness day, week, month, year, three-part documentary?

Where are the comedies? The drama’s? The movies? (If you raise your hand and say Rain Man for the movie, I swear I’ll slap you!) 

Sorry but that movie as much as it was well written, acted etc, It only represents a small fraction of the people who are on the autism spectrum. 

So once again what can be done about this? Why are we only considered ‘cool’ or ‘hip’ or ‘it’s the right time to focus on this’ but then for the rest of the year we are discarded? 

I would like to see a dedicated Autism Channel in Australia (insert where in the world you are here) 

How do we go about this? Any rich investors want to help me out? 

If so use my contact me form thanks 



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