my sister

My Sister

So today is the anniversary of my sister’s injury you can read about it here 

I just wanted to take some time out to say a few words about this. 

  1. My sister is awesome and whilst this injury and all that came with it was a complete shock and really tested our family, it never once broke us, in fact it made us stronger and more determined.

2. When Jen, came out of hospital finally and was allowed home, because I wasn’t working I became her carer, I wouldn’t change that for the world. It opened my eyes to how reliant someone in that position is on someone able-bodied, it taught me to be a better person and to have patience and understanding but also have a laugh when it was needed.

3. She never gave up and just sat back and said

“Oh well it is what it is.”

No! She pushed herself to become the person that she is today, she continues to push herself with her rehab, and is more determined that ever to walk again.

4. She is now a blogger, this is totally awesome as she can pass on and share her story with others as well as being that person that gives back what she had learned. 

5. Speaking of having a laugh during a serious situation “Mum will go mad when she see’s the blood on those net curtains!” (Jen will know what that means).

6. Fun fact I wanted a sister named Jenny. 

7. I will always have her back.

8. I will always support and love her

my sister

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