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How to tell an employer that you are Autistic:

We’ve scanned the job website we’ve found a job that we wish to apply for and now comes the part where we fill in the application form.

Ohh the dreaded application form part

After filling in the easier bits, when we get down to the box where it says do you consider yourself to be disabled do you tick that box or not?

Do you highlight it on your resume?

Do you arrange for a small plane to fly by the prospective offices or

Do you hire a flash mob to dance it out?

Hmm so many options? 

But maybe the best time is during the interview process? Just a thought at this point. But still one worth considering. 

Anyway in this handy guide I lay it out in two easy steps:

1. Choosing the right time:

I would say that you mention this as soon as possible, the disability discrimination act prevents employers from not hiring you based on your disability. Granted it can’t always protect you from not being hired, but wait until the part (the dreaded part) where you are asked.

Prepare this bit before hand, maybe write down what you want to say and ask a family member or a friend to help you word it so that when you do say “Yes I am autistic, you only highlight the positives and that anything that aids you in performing the role to the best of your ability will on benefit them. 

Finding the right words

You can’t burst out with a song and dance routine “Hey I’m Autistic future boss” because that’s not going to aid them in understanding what they can do for you. So you’d best pack up the smoke machine and stop making out that you are Bonnie Tyler in Total Eclipse of the heart video, pay your back up dancers and shimmy on out of there! 

Maybe another approach is to like I suggested before, write it down either on a sheet of paper or in an email maybe if that’s the way you wish to proceed. 

The key points to highlight are not that you have autism but you are explaining what makes you autistic. 

  • how it affects you
  • how it can impact your work
  • how your employer can support you to reach your potential

Remember what you are explaining to them will need to be clear and concise so that you are hired and everyone benefits. 


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