blogger life

The life of a blogger

“Writing a blog is a solitary affair.”

We bloggers spend much of our time hunched over our laptops hands poised to begin typing out the new blog of the week, other’s spend it sat outside with a quill in one hand, the black ink ready to make contact with the virginal white paper, others sit outside cafe sipping their lattes in between giving each letter of each sentence an admiring acknowledgement. Like proud parents of a new-born. “

Other writers like myself can’t face the prospect of writing anything before noon! We spend our days not communicating with others, we read a loud of latest article, then we either cry and rock back and forth in a chair and hit the delete button because what we have written is utter crap and we seek solace at Dan Murphy’s or we beam and pat ourselves on the back and marvel at just how bloody marvellous we are when it comes to creating entertaining, thought-provoking blog content. 

If they were to make a crime drama based on the life of a writer it would read like this. 

Inspector Morse would say “Lewis, take a look. This man’s hardly ever spoken. He must be a writer; it’s our first clue.”


“But” Lewis would stammer “Just because he’s under-used his vocal cords doesn’t mean that he has to be a writer does it? He could have been a monk who has taken a vow of silence.”

“A monk?” Morse would scoff. “Have you not seen the small table filled with empty bottles of bourbon and the bucket filled with tears and the bin overflowing with fingernails and the endless cups of tea?” 

Lewis would blush and say “And the report which he downloaded showing how many times he’s hit the delete button on this week’s blog post.” 

And with that Morse would jump into his jag and drive around the Oxfordshire lanes, seeking refuge in a pub where he would order a Ploughman’s lunch and a pint. 


The point (and I think that I have made it is) that when writing a blog post, you need peace and quiet, you need a room in which you can think and stare down at what you are piecing together so that other’s will find your work both interesting and engaging. 

Other bloggers no doubt who no doubt enter their study at 9 am after bathing, eating breakfast and reading the newspaper. By 9.05 am they are sitting at their desks happily tapping away at their word processors writing their current article. By 11 am they break for a coffee or a tea and a biscuit. At 11.15 am they resume work high fiving themselves at our wonderful the article they are currently writing. They don’t make grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. The only sound that can be heard issuing from behind their closed-door is the clicking of keys as the blog post takes shape. 

At 1 pm they stop work and break for lunch making sure that they stretch their legs as they make their way into the kitchen to rustle up something yummy for them to consume. Side note: they have excellent digestion. 

They also sleep well and enjoy a busy social life in the afternoons and evenings. 

Me I am at the opposite end of that scale. I can stare at a blank word document until blood begins appearing until I have an idea. Which is why I wrote this Monday’s blog post. 


I do not start my day at 9am sitting at my desk. no it’s more like 11am when I begin. Because fear and dread and other things occupy my mind and I want to put of writing a blog post for as long as I possibly can!

So I hope that I can explained the difference between me and other bloggers. Until 11am on Friday ciao!