autism attack

Autistic attack

So once again I find myself commenting on something that appeared in the news about a week ago

And once again I find myself thinking about the best way or should I say positive way to respond to it. 

So for the record 3 boys (teens) have subsequently been arrested since this story broke. I am not here to pass judgement on their actions. 

I am however here to delve deeper into the aftermarth of the event and the fact that this boy (the one who was attacked with spanners) is coping and learning to process what has happened to him.


I won’t be naming the boy that got attacked here either.

Ok so this boy thought that he was doing the right thing by sticking up for his friend by telling those other boys who were bullying his mate to stop. Then then subsequently lured him to a school and outside they viscously attacked him with spanners. 

I wonder how in the aftermarth of this, do we think that his mental health would be suffering and at risk and what measures are being taken to address and hopefully his actions and those of the boys will be explained to the boy in a way that he understands. 

I gather from seeing his mother appearing on a few TV shows, that she’s very clued up and will know the right course of action to take. 

Speaking from experience I can say that I didnt recieve such support and wonder if the school that he attends will be providing counselling or will that be a decision made by his mum?

Upon reflection I think that I would take the same course of action as this boy did, without first taking into consideration the possible consequences of my actions. I would think that I too was doing the right thing. It would only be afterwards that I would have time to reflect and breakdown inside my mind what would be the more appropirate course of action to take. 

The mother in all this has stated that 

“I do feel concerned about these boys … we need to understand why young people would do something like this,” she said.

And I totally agree with her on this, it’s refreshing that despite her son being attacked, she can still see both sides of the story and set out to evaluate the situation with such a measured response. 

“Autistic people are the third biggest minority group in the world … the community has to start accepting them in their schools and workplaces,” 

I am going to leave that there and let that sink in. I would like to end this blog post by saying that I appauld the mother and her rational response to this unprovoked unnesscary attack, two I hope her son is able to recieve mental health treatment if he needs it and three I hope that we don’t see and I don’t have to view on the news another attack like this.