tv and autism


Saturday is the beginning of the weekend. It’s that day after Friday night, where you’ve let your hair down at a bar after work with work colleagues or friends.

It all started at 5 when you left work, sober and able to make decisions. But come 9pm that’s all gone out of the window and your now feeling free from the effects of the huge volume of booze that you’ve consumed, and that pizza that you chose 2 hours ago isn’t sitting as well you thought it would inside your stomach. 

But Saturday is the beginning of the weekend, it’s one day of two where (in most cases) you don’t have to work and the day is pretty much your own. 

You can potter about inside your home, sit in the garden reading a book, or listening to a podcast, or just enjoy the early morning sun. 

Late afternoon soon comes around and you greet it and continue doing activites that are quiet and worthy of your vaulable time. 

But what if something or someone was to come into that mix and invite themselves along with their wife and two other kids for dinner and to watch the royal wedding without thinking that it may even be an issue, what if your entire peaceful quiet Saturday night was interupted like that? What then?

Well you’d reel back in horror wouldn’t you?

And that is exactly what I did, my Saturday night was to be spent in front of the latest offering from Netflix, not watching 2 hours of a royal wedding (two TV’s were on) don’t ask, just don’t ask. 

Both shows that were quite loud volume wise! The same show was being watched but in different rooms!!

So my quiet, relaxing Saturday night was bought down to having two kids under 6 and two other adults both watching the bloody royal wedding, whilst I was suffering for those 4 hours. 

I nearly but not quite had a meltdown, my routine was interupted, I detest noise of any kind, I hate how people have that ability to just invite themselves without a care in the world of how it may have effected others, I didn’t sleep that night, my mind was racing, too much of everything was piled on top of me and my mind couldn’t stop racing at a million miles per hour. 


I feared that I was alone in thinking this, but alas I had an ally so I wasn’t alone in my thought process.

I for one never want to live through such a hetic night again. If that’s what you want to do then at least have the decency to give us some notice before your family decends on us like that. I should point out that they had only come to deliver a bed for my nephew and then they were going to leave. This off course didn’t occur. 

For now I am doing ok, having worked out what I needed to do in order to calm myself down, it was a close call and one that I never want to find myself in ever again.