question time

Where are we?

So today’s blog is going to ask the all important question where are we on TV? 

And by being on TV I don’t mean in a bit part role, or just in a few scenes but as the main character or part of an ensemble cast. 

Because whilst we have ‘A Typical’ which isn’t that great to be honest why are we at the fore front of such TV shows? 

My issue with A Typical was the following:

The main actor isn’t autistic (isn’t that always the way?) but they consulted experts (yeah that’s the way to do it), also the main character is all over the place with his autistic traits. So we are not clear as to which end of the spectrum he’s actually on. 

But look I am not here to digest this show. 

I am here to put the case for autistic people to be considered and then cast in roles where we are the main character. 

When will we ever see an autistic detective? Or an autistic comedy? 


I am a fan of a show called Unforgotten, a character in the last season to air in Australia had an autistic character (he played the son), my issue with him was this. One he was placed in a stereotypical role (he worked with computer data), that’s not the case with everyone, he has some dialogue with the main detective where he says “You may have noticed that my brain is wired differently” that’s not an insult in any way! He keeps himself to himself, he’s socially awkward etc. Now whilst he wasn’t part of the story line (his mum was), he had minimal scenes and wasn’t really used in fact he was under used. and why didn’t we get more of an insight into his life?

Anyway the point of this blog post is to illustrate the fact that we are more than just being a bit part in something. 

Why don’t writers when coming up with ideas for TV shows, think about being more diverse and show autistic people in a better light? 

I am brimming with ideas and if any TV production company’s are interested then please get in touch with me. I’d only be too happy to help out. 

I for the time being don’t understand why we are being marginalised and placed at the back or with A typical why can’t they get it right?

Until then I guess we’ll just have to put up with where we are until a change can take place.