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Ten point blog plan (Updated)

Ten Point Blog Plan (Updated)

Have you ever wanted to start a blog but haven’t been sure of the process?

This handy guide will aid you in getting a better understanding of what it takes to put a blog post together. 

One. Write about a subject that you know about.

Two. Make sure the text is aligned to the left for blog posts the recommended font to use is sans serif font size 12.

Three. Plan the subject that you want to talk about in advance. Once written leave it for a day or so and then come back and re-read what you have written, making adjustments and edits along the way. You can always ask a family member to read it for you before you go ahead and post it. Also make sure that have clear subject headings.

Four. Don’t go into too much detail, otherwise you’ll turn your readers off reading what you have written. Keep your sentences and paragraphs to the point, waffling will only serve to bore your readers. 

Five. When using an image make it your “featured image” when you are constructing your blog post in word press. A good free image website to use is www.unsplash.com (See image).


Six. Use black as your font colour.

Seven. Have a catchy blog post title.

Eight. To highlight certain sentences in your blog post there is a feature in word press which is called block quote. Block quote puts a small sentence that you have highlighted into quote form which engages the reader and makes them want to continue reading what you have written. (See image).



Nine. Use humour if you can throughout your post.

Ten. Always end on a positive note.

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