Thank You

I wanted to take a moment to take some time to thank some people who have helped me over the past two weeks….

To thank two people.

“It’s said that people enter your life for a reason”

And when they do not only do they enhance it but they bring their own set of knowledge and skills which they are willing to impart onto you.

The first person who I am thanking is Liz Handley.

Liz and I were recently introduced mutual contact (Marleen Roach who works at Kira Community Services).

Liz and I met up at a coffee shop. I was nervous as I’d never met this person before. But once Liz had ordered her coffee and bacon sandwich she sat down with a smile on her face and put me at ease. Sipping her coffee Liz asked me to talk about my life.

I felt like I was on a game show, where I’d made it through to the final and the spot light was on me to win the big prize by answering one simple question the pressure was on!

I don’t enjoy talking about myself as it makes me feel uncomfortable.

And don’t even get me started on how unbelievably uncomfortable it is to maintain eye contact!

Nevertheless, I did. Liz sat there engaged as if I’d just bought a TED Talk audience to its feet in a standing ovation for my inspirational words.

After a really great initial meeting we decided to meet up to discuss how we could work together on my blog.

Liz came to my home two weeks later.

She messaged me and she gave me a serious of tasks to perform.

One of those tasks was to print out three of my blog posts.

Liz’s intention was for me to analyse each of the three blog posts highlighting a number of key areas which weren’t apparent to her.

Liz wanted me to now think about not just what I was writing about, but the way that I was laying out my blog posts and who my target audience was.

She wanted me to think not just about the writing but the bigger picture.

After my meeting with Liz it was apparent that I needed to work on the layout and design of my website so I asked my right hand person aka my sister if she would get involved.

With Jen’s help we looked at re designing the website to make the layout more user friendly and visually appealing.  And I set about going through all of my blog posts and re-formatting them using key points that I had discussed with Liz.

Strategy & Planning….

The blog was just one area that Liz wanted to look at. She also wanted to look at my overall week, how I plan my work, how I structure my week, what goals I am working towards etc.  

A good idea that came up during one of our discussions was to have a planner.

This has enabled me to have my week mapped out for me and has helped me to have more control over the things that I need to do each day/week.

I know exactly what I’ve got to do at what time. And if things change unexpectedly, I can look at a glance to see what I can move to where so that I keep some of my routine in place. (Because being Autistic, routine is very important to me)

I have learned so much from Jenny about website design, layout, formatting, themes etc.

So many thanks to Jenny for all her help, and guidance.  

To Liz I wanted to say a huge thank you. I now have a better understanding of my blog structure and layout, I know who Autistic Nick’s audience is & I can identify what type of blog posts I am writing and who I am directing them at. 

Over the last few weeks, Liz and I have built up a great working relationship as well as a great friendship. I feel like I have more structure and focus moving forward and more confidence in working towards and achieving my goals. 

So thank you to both Liz and Jenny.

With Liz I am looking forward to continuing our working relationship and working on the bigger picture.

You can check out both of their blogs






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