Disability Assistance Plan

Disability Assistance Plan

Disability Assistance Plan

Disability Assistance Plan;

Do you have one?

Do you know which airlines offer them?

What are they?

Well fear no more because I am about to tell you.

When travelling and you have a disability in my case it’s Autism what plans are in place with each of the airlines to make sure that you get the disability assistance that you need?

Well here then are what the airlines offer to make sure that you have a stress free time getting to your flight, making a connection and what they offer during the flight.

*Please note that all information is correct as of the 12th September 2018 












My advice is once the booking has been made contact the airline and alert them to any help that you require as a disabled passenger. I have a meet and assist in place via Qantas which I arranged after booking my holiday to Melbourne.

I contacted Qantas via direct message on Twitter. If you book directly with the air-line, then make sure you ask them about what help and assistance they can offer to you and have a safe and stress free time flying.

I’m away now for a week. Taking time to re charge my batteries and have a fun relaxing time in Melbourne.

Carry on the Conversation

What are your thoughts? Will you be using one of these airlines disability plans? Have you used one and what was your experience like? Did the airline meet your expectations?

Let me know in the comments below.

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Thank you for reading and I will see you next time for more thoughts from across the spectrum.

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