How to talk to an autistic person

An Autistic AGM (Annual General Meeting)


It takes 28 minutes to drive to Northbridge from my home


The travelling distance is approximately 32.0 k


I went to Northbridge on Sunday

You know the one thing I dread when I log into Facebook?

No it’s not Sally’s latest baby pic (we get it Sally you’ve had a baby congrats, I don’t need to see daily updates because that’s all your life now revolves around)

Or Carly who took a Real housewives of New Jersey quiz and is Teresa Giudice why don’t you take the same test now to find out which housewife you are?

No it’s one far worse than any of those.

It’s the dreaded

You’ve been invited to an event!!


One such event invitation came up as a notification when I logged into Facebook the other week.

As much as you try to ignore the notification it keeps somehow reminding you of its presence until you can take no more reminders and you have to click into it and make a decision either way.

It’s a simple process of clicking on yes, no, or maybe.

I needed to think and carefully consider my options.

The invite came from the Autism Group which I am a member of alerting me to their monthly get together meeting in Northbridge.

I hadn’t attended one of these meetings before as I’m not a particularly confident driver and heading into the city for me is a very overwhelming thing and an experience which I do not enjoy being implemented into my day.

Also Autism and being social are not a great match.

It can strike fear into anyone (well ok not everyone)

But if your Autistic then it doesn’t sit well with us

And we have to really overthink it and analyse it and work ourselves up to the monumental moment when the time comes to head outside of our house and into the cold, bleak, world!

Much like Avril Lavigne from her song “I’m with you” (See photo below)

I'm with You
Anyway on this occasion I found out that one of the people who is an admin for the group lived out my way and she was offering lifts to people who wanted to attend this meeting.

An opportunity was presenting itself to me.

I leapt on it.


I had committed to something!!

Deep breaths N!ck!

1400 hours AWST

The sheer amount of boredom sitting here not contributing to the conversation because I have nothing to say or add to what people are already in the midst of discussing.

14.35 AWST

I am currently listening to *Fay’s* (not her real name) constant monologue about her Bi-polar history another lady near her is unnerved by her constant swearing

14.45 AWST

The lady who has clearly now had enough of the swearing makes an excuse that she has to get back to her cat and walk it or feed it.

I later find out that she doesn’t have a cat.

15.06 AWST

Nothing of any significance has happened.

I am stuck.


I check my phone for messages or emails from the outside world.

I cannot leave due to the fact that I got a lift to this event with this woman.

15.15 AWST

I am currently wishing for a flash mob dance to occur outside so that I can join in

15.20 AWST

This wishing isn’t working I go and get another drink

15.25 AWST

I break from the silence to go and have a wee this is the most exciting part of the afternoon

Ok so instead of me writing comedy bullet points the rest of the afternoon dragged on.

To say I was bored was an understatement.

This meeting lacked structure and yes I could have started a conversation up myself (I can hear you all saying why didn’t you?)

I didn’t because I didn’t feel that I had anything that I wanted to discuss so I kept quiet.

I was tired.

I have to have an afternoon nap.

I didn’t get home until 4.30 AWST.

I slept for an hour.

I needed to try and block out *Fay’s bi-polar monologue.

I’m certain that Fay has enough material to make her conversation into a musical or at the very least a one-woman show that would be able to tour nationally across Australia.

I probably won’t be attending any future meetings but at least I can say that I did attend one.

The Chinese dinner get together that was happening downstairs for $8.50 (three courses) was more inviting.

I wish now that I had somehow been offered that at least I would have come away with a full belly and a smile on my face.

Carry on the Conversation

What are your thoughts on attending Autism get togethers? Have you been to one?

What was it like? Was it what you expected?

Let me know in the comments below.

As always, I can also be found on Twitter: @AutisticNick9 and at my email

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Thank you for reading and I will see you next time for more thoughts from across the spectrum.

2 thoughts on “An Autistic AGM (Annual General Meeting)”

  1. I know this is late to leave a comment, but wanted to add my bit to the comedy…

    Me (mum who hasn’t given up trying to organise a successful play date despite 20+ years of failure) to autistic daughter: Why don’t you join this FB group I just heard about for adults with autism in Perth? Please just join and go to one meeting, just to see what it’s like…

    Daughter: It’ll probably be really boring and uncomfortable, but if it really means a lot to you then I will think about it.

    Me, later that day: (Reads blog post about how boring and uncomfortable the author found a particular FB group that met up in Perth) ….Oops!


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