Run! Autistic N!ck Run!

Run! Autistic N!ck Run!

Fun Fact It’s a 4 min walk or 300m to Grand Ocean Park which is at the end of my street

Fun Fact It’s a 600 m run in a full circle

Fun Fact I run around it 8 times sometimes 9 if I can manage it!

Fun Fact I cover 4,800 m in half an hour.

Fun Fact I run five times a week.


The Red Circle highlights Grand Ocean Park

Now let me be clear about this I hate exercise I am not one of those people who can spring out of bed and jump into my running work out gear, and then go and run for half an hour and embrace the fresh air and the surroundings and then come back and give the following commentary.

“It’s such a beautiful day out there. You know the sun’s so bright it’s almost blinding, like shards of glass just piercing the clouds. Oh every second of my journey here is emblazoned on my memory. I feel fantastic”

I am not that person.

In reality it’s more like this:

I come back breathless, and in need of some cold water and a shower due to the huge amount of sweat that protrudes out of my body.

But running for me isn’t about just feeling healthy it’s also about balancing my mental health.

I should also point out that besides my run in the mornings, I also do an aqua fit work out in the afternoon because I can’t get enough of keeping fit!

The benefits of running on your mental health:

Mental Health Benefits

It can decrease your symptoms of depression

Multiple studies have concluded that regular aerobic exercise—and primarily jogging or brisk walking— reduces the symptoms of clinical depression.

Improves your learning abilities

Running can improve your capacity to learn and retain new information.

Sharpens your memory

Running can give you a sharper memory.

Alleviates anxiety

Running and other vigorous forms of exercise can reduce anxiety symptoms and help you relax.

Helps you sleep better

Running can aid you in helping you get a quicker onset of sleep, as well as a deeper sleep, and the reduction of symptoms in those with insomnia.

Boosts self-esteem

Your self-esteem can be improved by running on a regular basis.

Increases your creativity

Running can increase your creatively output.

Now let’s take a look at the benefits of doing Aqua Fit.

5 fitness benefits of Aqua Aerobics

Burns calories. Aqua aerobics is a mix of strength and cardio workouts which is done in the face of water resistance.

Increases muscle strength.

Builds endurance.

Reduces joint pressure.

Increases flexibility.

Running just a few minutes each day may benefit your health. Research shows it may even extend your life.

But do you need to run every day of the week to benefit?


Remember, even elite runners stay injury free by scheduling in rest days and cross training days.

Try lower-impact activities like swimming and cycling on cross- training days to recover and give your hard-working running muscles a break.

If you aren’t sure how often to exercise or whether it’s safe for you to start running, talk to your doctor.

They can recommend a physical fitness program that’s appropriate for your age and fitness level.

Remember to stretch at the end of your run!

And also wear sunglasses and a hat and sun screen! Preferably 50+.

If you don’t fancy running alone like I do, then here is a comprehensive list of Running Clubs Australia Wide:

Carry on the conversation

What do you do to keep fit?

Do you run?

Do you feel better for it?

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Thank you for reading and I will see you next time for more thoughts from across the spectrum.

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