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Autistic N!ck starts his diet- Lettuce see how I get on. Part Two

Autistic N!ck starts his diet Lettuce see how I get on. Part Two

Fun Fact There are 168 hours in a week

Fun Fact There are seven days in a week

Fun Fact There are a total of 10080 minutes in a week

Fun Fact There are a total of 604800 seconds in a week

So following on from my last blog post It’s been a total of one whole long dragged out week of dieting and calorie counting for me.

I cannot tell you the endless joy that calorie counting has bought to my life.

I love waking up in the morning to google just how many calories are in something that I want for breakfast.

The book which I am following this diet from does have some sample menu ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner but they don’t provide you with a complete run down of calories contained in every food known to mankind.

No that task is down to you and your fingers and a google search engine.

Which is kinda annoying. But what can you do?

I can’t say in all honestly that it’s been a fun ride it hasn’t.

But generally speaking when you’ve mentioned to someone that your about to start a diet have they been unable to contain their excitement and glee and broken out into a musical number a la Glee style.

But it was something that I did need to overhaul that being my eating.

I didn’t eat too badly before I began this.

I rarely eat junk food, my sister cooks all of our meals.

I think it came down to the fact that we as a family could be eating better.

I think we had gotten ourselves into a food routine whereby we’d eat the same foods week in week out. I’m sure it’s the same for a majority of families in and around Australia.

So how did I do this?

Well I have to thank my mum here for (although I scoffed at it the previous week) Sorry mum! The excel sheet has proven extremely useful in helping me to keep a daily track of just how many calories I was consuming. The target here is only 800 per day.

The next person I have to thank is my sister. She has been the one doing the majority of the research on how many calories are contained in which foods. She has of today (Saturday the 9th February) written down underneath on our meal planner on each day what meals have what calories in them. She is exhausted.

So I guess the next big question to answer is how did I get on after all that?

Well (Insert drum roll here)

So in only one week of eating only a total of 800 calories and running and doing an aqua fit on those days when it was too hot to run (we’ve had a few days of heat wave conditions over here in WA)

Here is a comprehensive list of Running Clubs Australia Wide:

I managed to lose a total of 2.9kg’s.

I’ll imagine you all applauding and cheering and telling me congratulations etc.

So entering my second week I am hoping for the same result.

And to achieve my goal weight I’ll have to stick to this for another 3 weeks.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

Carry on the conversation

Are you currently dieting?

Are you finding it easy?

How much weight did you lose?

Let me know in the comments below

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Thank you for reading and I will see you next time for more thoughts from across the spectrum.

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