Autistic N!ck’s week

Autistic N!ck’s week

FUN FACT The etiological cause of influenza, the Orthomyxoviridae family of viruses, was first discovered in pigs by Richard Shope in 1931.

FUN FACT Hippocrates was the first person to describe the flu nearly 2,500 years ago. He was living in Greece at the time and wrote about an illness causing sore throat, aches and difficulty breathing (among other things).

FUN FACT Aldi has made a lot of money from sales of their throat lozenges.

FUN FACT I spent the past week in bed recovering from the flu.


9.00 am Nick’s kitchen. I am seated eating my breakfast. I feel that every mouthful of my cereal (Special K) if you want to know is hurting my throat as I swallow it. It’s as if I am eating sharp rocks. I think nothing of it and continue my day. I go running. I write. I do my normal things that I would do on a Monday.


My throat is feeling very sore. But I plod on with my day. My body is also aching. Again, I ignore these signs and continue with my day.


I am down and out. I have succumbed and surrendered by waving a white flag and admitting defeat. The flu has taken its hold on me and now I must lay in my bed and wait for the time when I can return to full health. I ring a small bell in the hopes that someone will come. No one comes. I had a dream whereby I was being offered healthy delicious soups so that I could recover from my flu. But it wasn’t to be. I am not offered any soups and alas I do not have a small bell handy to ring for service. Instead it’s a do it yourself type of situation. No one is prepared to wait on me hand and foot. Not in this house.


I awake to find some Vicks vaper rub on top of my chest of draws. I slide out of bed and read the instructions. I then rub some under my neck and onto my throat. I also rub some over my nose. By performing this action according to the instructions on the back it will open my air waves and aid in me breathing easier. The photo on the front shows a pink side view of a male with green s shapes coming out of his nose and throat. I sincerely hope that green arrows don’t start to appear now that I have applied it?

Vick’s Vapour Rub with the green S’s


I can report that no green s shape arrows sprung from my nose and or throat after I applied the Vick’s vaper rub. I am off course relieved by this. I am not sure any doctor presented with this would have dealt with it?

For the first time this week I sit outside and bask in the sunshine and allow fresh air to enter my lungs and awaken my senses. I also listen to a few podcasts and check emails and send text messages and feel like I am once again in touch with the human race!


I am 60% better today. I have been working on some future projects. I have written a list of questions for an up-coming Q and A with someone who works at Kira community services. Hint she is well known within photography circles. She happens to count the following as close friends Annie Leibovitz, David Bailey, Mario Testino and (before his passing in 2005) Patrick Lichfield.

I also have a list of questions complied for an up-coming project happening in June. I am sitting at my desk writing this blog post. It is currently 4.43 PM AWST (6.43PM in other states). For dinner tonight, we are having an Indian take away meal from a place recommended to us. I plan to relax in front of the TV and suck on my throat lozenges. The only issue that I have with taking the lozenges is that I can only take one every 2-hours!

Oh, joy having just checked the time I can have another lozenge how exciting my life currently is. How excited I get when I can suck on something that will ease my breathing and clear my blocked nose and soothe my sore throat. How I live for moments like this.

What will tomorrow bring? Who can say? Will it be more exciting times when I can gain some relief from a lozenge? Or will I get to taste some home-made soup that I have been longing for? Will I start to feel better by say 10%?

Who knows. But what I do know is that the suspense will no doubt be killing you and if I feel inclined to do so I may update you.

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