Autistic Nick, Cover Letters, Resumes, and the Rain

Autistic Nick, Cover Letters, Resumes, and the Rain

This week the villagers of Joondalup rejoiced.

The weather forecasters had predicted rain on Friday allowing them the rest of the week to tend to their washing, cleaning of shutters, mowing the grass, having engaging conversations with the local greengrocer as they stand in the mid-day sun waiting for their fruit and vegetables to be weighed and placed into a brown paper bag.

Sunny In Joondalup

The villagers were happy and content. For although it was cold (unlike Darwin where current temps are in the high 30’s) they were able to go about their every day business.

For me my week was as action packed as ever.

I was Anne Hathaway (Andrea “Andy” Sachs) in the devil wears Prada and my week was Meryl Streep playing my boss Miranda Priestly.


A late-night phone call from a 08 number (8 is the Perth phone code).

Undeterred I answered it.

Could I possibly email an article for publication to them by Wednesday? I ask what time on Wednesday? They say by midday?

I stupidly agree.

They end the call by saying check your emails. I do.

I foolishly see that I have a lot of work to do in order to make my deadline.

Outside the wind began howling, on the news at 6 concerned villagers voiced their concern to a young wind-swept reporter.


The wind is still hoovering around and howling at various intervals. Concerned villagers are popping up on various news channels to voice their concern around the wind and now a potential pouring of rain.

Market stall holders quickly mark their fruit and vegetables down by half price, for they know that when the rain does come the local villagers won’t come and visit their stalls and they’ll be left with stock which they’ll have to write off. A loss that they are not wishing to wear.

News ticket tapes begin appearing across all new bulletins warning of the up-coming rain.

I am sitting inside my bedroom, at my desk, tapping away on my computer.

I constantly reach for the backspace button. Failure to meet my deadline isn’t an option.


I am woken up by the wind and it’s howling, and it’s cries for the rain to join it.

The rain thus far hasn’t responded and so for now all we can hear is the distant cries of the wind being unsuccessful in it’s attempts to woo the rain into its alliance.

Lunch time comes.

My article has now been proof read by my sister and my mother and once I am happy with it I compose an email and press send. Lunch time comes, and I take off my glasses, and relax eating my lunch and enjoying a hot mug of tea.

A 75% fruit and vegetable sale is currently being advertised on the local news and radio channels.

The storm is approaching


I am currently navigating the various recruitment websites out there.

It’s not looking too great on the job front given the limited positions that are currently available to me. By mid afternoon I do find a job and apply for it.

I compose a cover letter making sure that I cover all of the essential job criteria elements that are required for me to apply for this job.


Our worse fears here in Joondalup have come true.

Late last night a smattering of rain began to trickle down from the skies above.

Nothing was reported as it was just a trickle. But over-night and as sun rose the rain descended onto WA. Villagers began deserting the town square, newsagencies reported loss of earnings as newspapers weren’t collected, supermarkets were empty, the streets were deserted.

I stayed inside in the warm. I had the heater on and was wrapped in a blanket.

An email reply came back about my article. An edit had been done and it needed my approval.

So, Friday was spent reading the edited version and replying back that I was happy with the edited version of my article.

The rain was now joining the wind and the two began their dance of the elements.


Overnight the elements decided to leave WA. The villagers rejoiced.

The food staples that had sat on the shelves of the supermarket were still fit for human consumption and a sigh of relief was felt around Joondalup.

For breakfast I had scrambled eggs on toast and a mug of tea. By 10.00 AM I leave my house and travel to the barbers.

I need a hair-cut. By 11.10 I am back home.

The reason for the hair-cut is that I am having my photo taken next week to accompany my article. So, I need to look my best.


Sunday beckons to me

“Come and binge things on Netflix it says repeatedly”

and so I do.

Carry on the Conversation

Carry on the conversation

I hope your week has been as action packed as mine was?

Let me know in the comments section below

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Thank you for reading and I will see you next time for more thoughts from across the spectrum.

6 thoughts on “Autistic Nick, Cover Letters, Resumes, and the Rain”

  1. Dear Nick,

    It is an HONOUR to join your site. I have an Asperger’s son – IQ over 200 and he would never have answered all the questions on the IQ test (Queensland Uni) as you know. and Yes, after his Baby Vaccination and he had the usual reaction to it at 6 months with his one and only EAR ABSCESS, and rattle in the lungs requiring a special tinned milk for a period of time, and also to be personal there was another Sign of this Vaccination reaction that was successfully fixed. Followed his brother in behavioural patterns since Birth until the Vaccination. Interesting as an International fee thinking Scientist published the Ear Abscess etc on his site read about a year ago. Perfectly healthy since the Vaccinations, not even a cold or day of school.

    Fortunately I saw an USA-ABC documentary on the ABC – OZ and with that I diagnosed his Autism at 9 months then used my deep analytical skills and determination to enhance his brain/thinking. He was 24/7 but so so well worth it.

    I TOTALLY TREASURE and extremely proud of this son who is so so exceptionally determined and talented. His high standards and sense of responsibility and so much more makes him outstanding. I have told him that one of him is worth hundreds of thousands of many other people in this World, as his character is so outstanding and reliable.

    He taught himself Computer and has been an employee and a Consultant – major World Computer Companies.

    I agree with the Article in the ABC NEWs today re what you said, and amazed at the ignorance of the Employment agencies. If you need someone to write to those up that food chain then do contact me. An employer is BLESSED if he has the right person for a job, and a person with Autism SHINES / outstanding in many jobs and so so reliable.

    I REFUSE to join Facebook who are so so unethical and Twitter etc.,. I do not need those type of sites in my life. I write this as there has to be a stand somewhere about these money making, censored sites!! just look at Pinterest, GOOGLE esp, and other such “providers” who are now removing such natural Medicine sites as GreenMedInfo and Dr Mercola and others. I do not use Dr Mercola site – only an odd time, but I read yesterday where his Internet traffic has dropped by 99% since Google changed their Algorithms, and Google and others are pro vaccination. NO WAY shall I waste precious time on these money making sites. And not happy I have to join WORDPRESS. The only reason I do it is to support you, as I do know a lot about Autism – more than many Specialists. Did look at WordPress site but no one knows what these companies get up too. And I have learnt in life that make a lot of money in your lifetime and you have been a con man or dishonest in how you go about business. This is NOT pessimism nor a negative attitude on like at all, but is a realistic observation of life. Integrity and honourable standards/behaviour is very important to me and more so than ever in the way the rise of the mediocre has so dragged down standards throughout the World.


    Deirdre Ryan

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  2. Unfortunately the rolling over into Autism, various ways of being which are not Autistic, Asperger’s being an example, has created a situation which is very difficult for parents of children who are really Autistic, i.e. non-verbal, non-toilet trained and largely dysfunctional.

    Real Autism does not allow writing, let alone blogging. I just wish someone could come up with another name for people who now call themselves Autistic when they are not. A good one would be ‘different,’ for that is what it is, people just being themselves and a bit different.

    So much that is claimed for those who are highly functioning, while labelled with Autism, is just about ‘being different’ and experienced by millions in childhood and beyond, without them ever being put in the category of Autistic.

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