Cast your minds back to the year 1965 and a folk-rock vocal group called The Mamas and the Papas released the song ‘Monday, Monday’ the song is about the lousy feeling that comes with the end of the weekend and beginning of another workweek.

Currently outside it’s 28 degrees and I’m eating my porridge and scanning the news via my I-Phone at the breakfast table.

My week hasn’t been as lousy as it had been for the Mama’s and the Papas.

But you have to remember that it was 1965 and they had a lot to deal with.

My week however was far from lousy and I didn’t feel the need to write a song about it wearing 1965 fashions.


I finally got my NDIS plan approved the next step is for me to have what they call an implement meeting to discuss my plan and how I now go about making it work for me.

Topics covered will be

How to use the myplace portal

Managing your budget

Understanding the Price Guide

Sharing your plan


My second article for ABC news Perth was published. This article dealt with disability representation on TV and how we should be doing better when it comes to casting disabled actors in roles when the character is disabled and not casting non-disabled actors in their place.

Currently in Australia 96% of disabled roles on TV are played by non-disabled actors.

Starting isn’t it?

Here’s the edited article published via ABC news Perth

and here’s the unedited version with added content

This is what I am talking about what a great video


I wrote a blog post after the UK actress and disability advocate Liz Carr’s disappointment with the BBC after she was left out of the trailer for the upcoming new season of the UK crime thriller ‘Silent Witness’

In the trailer she pointed out that there were no shows in 2020 featuring any characters with disabilities.

You can read more here and read the full statement from the BBC


I applied for a Screenwest diversity grant to have a mentor.

Program Overview

The Diversity Fund provides funding to production companies, organisations and/or individuals to overcome barriers preventing Western Australian community members from underrepresented groups from participating in professional screen industry activities.

There are two streams within this fund:

Stream 1 – Diversity Top Up Fund:

The Top Up Fund:

  • Accepts applications anytime.
  • Is designed as a complementary fund to Screenwest’s other funding programs, offering ‘top up’ funds to production companies, organisations or individuals to ensure opportunities are accessible to all Western Australians.
  • Is not a stand-alone funding stream designed to fund new initiatives, events or programs.

It is for activities associated with a project currently receiving another form of Screenwest funding.

Stream 2 – General Diversity Fund:

The General Diversity Fund:

  • Accepts applications twice per year. Closing dates are advertised in the Screenwest newsletter and on the website.
  • Is designed to encourage greater inclusivity and intersection between underrepresented

groups in the Western Australian community and the Western Australian screen sector.

  • Is a stand-alone stream providing support to activities not associated with projects,

events or activities already receiving Screenwest funding.

  • Accepts applications for stand-alone skills development and networking opportunities

providing opportunity and access to the screen sector for those unlikely to have achieved otherwise.

Given the breadth of diversity, equity and inclusion issues currently facing the local screen industry, Screenwest have worked with the Western Australian Screen Industry Diversity and Screenwest Diversity Fund Guidelines – July 2018 Page 2 of 5 Inclusion Leadership Group to identify key strategic focus areas to address through this fund.

These will be reviewed regularly. Current key strategic focus areas: • Gender parity across key creative roles on film and television productions (supporting family friendly productions and opportunities).

  • Access– ensuring film sets and screen industry activities are inclusive and accessible to all. • Key creatives from diverse backgrounds.
  • Screen content available and accessible to all Western Australian community members.
  • Discovering new talent with diverse stories to tell. Funding Available Production companies, organisations and individuals may apply for and be offered up to a maximum of $25,000 per application. The level of Screenwest’s funding commitment will be determined by the assessment process and the total demand on available funds. Funding is not available for activities already covered through other Screenwest funding programs and initiatives. There is a maximum cap of $50,000 accessible through this fund per financial year, for each individual, production company or organisation.

My assigned mentor will be guiding me in assisting me in writing a script for a web series. I have had an initial meeting with my mentor and I now have to wait to see the outcome of the application that I submitted.


Friday is Aldi shopping day and given my beef with them (it’s all their fault). It’s like when a housewife from one of the reality shows walks into a room/restaurant/party etc knowing that this week’s blown out of all proportion drama about flowers, not saying hello positively enough will come to a head in dramatic fashion, with screaming, yelling, wine being thrown, rumours being revealed etc.


I have thus far had a relaxing weekend of going for a long walk, sitting in my garden just taking in the peace and quiet, going for a swim.

Carry on the Conversation

As always, I can also be found on Twitter: and on my Facebook page Autistic Nick Facebook page.

Thank you for reading and I will see you next time for more thoughts from across the spectrum.

2 thoughts on “AUTISTIC NICK’S WEEK”

  1. Hello Nick from Richard E. Lewis. May I introduce myself. I live in Adelaide, I am age 70 next Friday, I was late aged diagnosed with A.S. at age 53 so I have 17 years on my new paradigm. I am lucky to ‘A,A,A’ ( admit, accept, adjust) to the real me. I know people who are older than me, whose A.S. is obvious, yet they live on pretending to be neurotypicals; and can be compared to a hand grenade with the pin partially intact. Keep tapping the good stuff on your keyboard! Regards Richard ________________________________

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