In 1978, con artists Irving Rosenfeld and Sydney Prosser have started a relationship, and are working together. Sydney has improved Rosenfeld’s scams, posing as English aristocrat “Lady Edith Greensly”. Irving loves Sydney but is hesitant to leave his unstable and histrionic wife Rosalyn, fearing he will lose contact with his adopted son Danny. Rosalyn has also threatened to report Irving to the police if he leaves her. FBI agent Richie DiMaso catches Irving and Sydney in a loan scam but offers to release them if Irving can line up four additional arrests. Richie believes Sydney is English but has proof that her claim of aristocracy is fraudulent. Sydney tells Irving she will manipulate Richie, distancing herself from Irving.

Sorry, I’m so sorry that’s the plot to the 2013 movie ‘Hustle’ and not how my week panned out, here below is how my week went.


I rise at an ungodly hour and attend to my toilette by splashing Evian water onto my face and enjoying a simple breakfast of porridge and sultanas. Just to point out that in fact porridge and oats are the same thing *Josh. And eventually after a 45-minute conversation he agrees that they are. Speaking of rising, I am attending a writer’s workshop at the rise in Mayland WA this very morning.

I have already booked and expecting my support worker to pull up onto my driveway any minute. I have packed a lunch for us both and made a flask of tea. I feel that as you are picturing the flask of tea, it conjures up images of me preparing to venture forth into a dangerous and yet rewarding expedition somewhere in a remote country, whereas in fact I am only being driven on a thirty-minute journey.

Our four-hour workshop becomes a two hour one and I leave having been taken in by the shiny black boots that were attached to a publishing scam artist.  I curse myself for being easily taken in by her promise of having a book published in 5 days (wherein it’s more like four months).

My support worker (who I have booked for four hours) and I are now at a loss as to what to do. We eventually walk around the CBD of Perth before heading to a park to enjoy the luncheon that I made. I take a 4-hour nap in the afternoon in order to process what has happened.

It’s at times like this that I wish I had a biscuit bag just like Lizzie has on Married at first sight, on such occasions one of those would have come in very handy. Basically it’s a bag (handbag or otherwise) filled with some biscuits that you compartmentalise inside your chosen bag and when you need a snack or are upset you simply reach in and hey presto you have biscuits intertwined with sugar to boost your mood.


Still reeling from what happened to me on Saturday I decide to do a workout in my back garden and try my best to forget and move on as today is a brand-new day. What treats does Sunday have in store for me? Not many as it turns out. Sunday has always been a let down if I’m being honest. It cannot live up to Saturday and is very resentful of that glaring fact.


Monday strolls into the beginning of the working week and announces itself with all the graces and airs that it feels that it deservers, but it knows deep down that it’s no better than Sunday and is a constant reminder that just like Sunday it’s not particularly welcome. But wait! What’s this? Monday does have something in store for me. Something unexpected and surprising. I was listening to one of my favourite podcasts when they played a commercial for an upcoming screenwriters’ workshop being held in Sydney and Melbourne. My ears prick up, I now have a reason to travel back to a city that I love. I jot down the websites address and begin to book my trip.


They don’t make travel websites easy to navigate, do they? Why can’t you simply log onto a travel booking website and enter your preferred travel dates and then the website brings up the top three deals of the day? Maybe they take great comfort in knowing that ordinary folks must simply baulk at the above opportunity and really want to spend endless hours clicking and refreshing a web page.


By now I have booked my flights, my hotel and paid out for travel insurance. I have also booked and paid for my course (screenwriter’s workshop). It took that long to do one simple task! The printer whirled into action and I then had all my paper-work handy for when I travel (on the 19th March).


I have also printed out the address of the place where the screenwriter’s workshop is taking place and I took to Google maps (heavily reliable!!) to see whereabouts they are based.


Today I had booked a support worker to come out and help me job search and if I found any jobs that I liked the sound of then she would help me write the cover letter. During my job searching I mentioned my up-coming Melbourne trip and after confirming that she’s available it was decided that she would drive me to the airport and sit with me until my flight leaves Perth to fly over east. I then direct messaged the airline to check and confirm that I am able to do this, and they came back with a resounding yes. Next week will be packing and finding a plastic wallet to store my travel documents in.

Carry On The Conversation

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Thank you for reading and I will see you next time for more thoughts from across the spectrum.

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